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Welcome to my site

   Below is a list of what are available now. The number with each is the heat level, not a review level. One is none, 4 is hot. All have some degree of what is considered violence, from door slamming to warring. The time spans are from what would be an equivalent of the 17th century our time to decades in the future to lands where many of you may live to lands far, far away. 

   The links below and to the side will take you to the page for each book.

   If you'd like to say something to me, [email protected] will get it to me. I would love to hear from you.




Deadly Precious--romance, suspense, 3*

Die, Sweet Di romance, suspense, 1*

It's Still Tomorrow romance, suspense, paranormal, 3*

Evil Reflections romance, suspense, paranormal 3*

Mourning Meadow romance, suspense, 1*

The Wait for Red Roses romance, suspense, 4*

Historical Western

Mark of the Sire romance, 1*

Curse of the Sire romance, 1*

Twisted Wind romance, 1*

A Gallows Waited romance, 1*

Little Sam's Angel romance, 1*

Tarbet romance, 1*

Wake the Savage romance, 1&

Science Fiction

Looking Glass Portal adventure, 1*

Bastards of Ran adventure, 1*

Bonds of Time adventure, 2*


Cross of Death historical, romance, 1*

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